Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Little Discretion, Please

Have you seen the cover of Time magazine lately?  It shows a picture of a woman breast feeding her 3-yr-old son.

Look-I'm not one of these far right wingnuts who run around the country, frothing at the mouth telling others how to live their lives.  On the other hand, can we have just a little discretion here, please?

Breast feeding is of course as old as mankind.  I've seen lots of women who do it publicly but while wearing one of those blouses designed for it.

The title of the article is "Are you mom enough?"  suggestion that unless you're going around with your boobs hanging out and a 3-year-old hanging off them, you're not.

Here's the other thing that gets me.  Isn't a 3-year-old kid supposed to be using a fork...with his teeth?  I haven't read the article yet because I just picked up vacation mail but stay tuned for more...if you can stand it...and I promise...no pictures.

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