Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another Week Rolls Around

Memorial Day has come and gone and now it's head-long into summer with temps today expected to be around 90 degrees.

It was  a fairly quiet weekend with Sandi and me working hard planting flowers, vegetables,  putting up the deer fence and spreading mulch. 

My effort to open the pool has been delayed by an unexpected problem with the pump.  I'm attempting to repair a crack that formed thus leaking a great deal of water.  If the repair doesn't work, I'll have to replace the part.  Fortunately, I have a spare so with the help of the boys, I should be able to get it up and running today.

Speaking of the boys--they will be spending the week with us since their parents are on a trip to Miami that Pete won.

We'll be bringing them to and from school Tues, Thursday and Friday.  They're home with me all day Wednesday.  We're expected to go to Mike & Becky's Friday or Saturday.  I forgot which one.  So it's going to be a very busy week. 

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