Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Visit with Jack

My last blog reported on an unfortunate situation in a veterans hospital. It was about a friend of mine named Jack.

Yesterday, before I picked up Brooke & Courtney from school I looked in on Jack. He was very happy to see me. As we chatted, the conversation inevitably drifted back to his WWII days. He loves to tell stories about his navy days on a battleship.

We agreed that I would try to look in on him some time on Fridays since my other days are pretty much filled up with other things. I used to visit him on Tuesday afternoons but I'm reserving that because from time to time I help out my daughter then or I do something at the other places where I volunteer.

I'll have to start searching for more pictures of navy warships to show Jack. He also likes cars so I'll be able to mix it up a little.

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