Friday, March 23, 2012

On the Right to Bear Arms & the State of Florida

The tragic slaying of seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin that's in the news every day (make that hour) is bad enough. To add insult to injury the individual who did it is still free on a recently passed Florida law that allows lethal force to defend yourself. It's called the stand-your-ground law.

Previous to the passage of this law it was a person's duty to flee the scene to escape harm rather than resort to lethal force. This is still the case in most states.

Complicating the effort to find justice in some way, gas bag Al Sharpton has jumped in promising to do nothing but inflame the situation.

The sacred Right to Bear Arms as guaranteed by the constitution or so says the Supreme Court at least has gotten out of hand. Where are the safeguards?

Some states are even considering doing away with the need for a carry permit. It's back to the 1880s in the old west.

This nation seems to be a nation of extremes. In many instances it's an all-or-none attitude. That's the case with gun control. Isn't there a happy middle ground somewhere?

Let common sense prevail for a change. Not everyone should be allowed to own or use a gun-period.

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