Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Key to Retirement

The key to a happy retirement is very simple. Keep busy with worthwhile activities.

Take this week for example. I spend all day Monday as I usually do with Cole & Nicholas. Today, Tuesday, I am doing my volunteer thing at an assisted living facility in the morning and then spending the afternoon and early evening with Brooke & Courtney.

Tomorrow, it's back with the boys. Thursday it's pick up the girls from school and wait with them until their mom or dad come home.

Friday, it's into the yard to get some much needed spring cleanup work done.

In between all of that I have to get in my workouts, write a column for Newtown Hamlet Hub and keep my blog spot and website updated.

Before you know it, it's Saturday. The week flies by. But that's better than sitting around doing nothing, getting fat and lazy.

Well, time to go.

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