Monday, March 5, 2012

It's all about perspective

Feeling a little down this Monday morning? Wishing Spring could maybe speed up its arrival? Have a sniffle or two? Looking forward (or not) to a busy week at work? Just plain not up to your usual good spirits?

Let's put things in perspective. Imagine yourself being one of the victims of the tornadoes that have been sweeping through Indiana and Kentucky.

How about that little 15-month-old girl they found laying in a field. Yesterday it was reported that she didn't survive her injuries.

To add insult to injury those folks woke up this morning to deal with several inches of new snow on top of all the debris.

How are things looking for you now?

1 comment:

kt said...

Much better! That storm system blew us around a little and then moved on to level a town not to far away and the strip at Branson. Yep, feel downright grateful!