Monday, February 27, 2012

Got something to sell?

Have you ever seen that show "Pawn Stars" on the History channel? There're three guys who run a pawn shop in Las Vegas--a man and his father and son.

It's an interesting show because all sorts of people come in with all kinds of things. The thing I don't get about a lot of those things is why anyone would go to a pawn shop to sell them.

I've seen things that I'm positive if they were on something like Antiques Road Show, they'd be valued at so much more than what they're offered at a pawn shop. And the heck of it is, most of the folks going there don't seem like desperate people. It's not like they just lost their shirts at a casino somewhere on the strip. They're ordinary people who are just trying to make a little money.

So far the most valuable thing I've seen is a Civil War era La Mat pistol. Extremely rare. It's worth at least $20,000 to a serious Civil War collector. The guy sold it for $10,000--half its value.

Very strange.

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kt said...

$10,000 dollars!

The most valuable thing I have to sell is my dad's electric recliner....It cost him $600.00 and Medicate $11,000 and I probably won't even get $300 for it.