Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pearl Harbor Day

Today, December 7th, is Pearl Harbor Day. Although it was 70 years ago, there are a dwindling few who remember it like it was yesterday.

I hadn't been born quite yet when the Japanese attached Pearl Harbor but I remember my parents talking to me about it many times. It was a Sunday morning and they were listening to the radio when the bulletin came across announcing the attack.

My parents are gone now but my 96 year old friend, Ed, who I visit from time to time at an assisted living facility is not and his recollection of that day is quite clear.

I've written of it before but briefly, he was on board the USS destroyer Helena when it was struck by bombs. Ed was in the shower at the time. When the attack occurred, he quickly dressed and dove out a port hole in the ship-just making it through.

Thanks to you, Ed, and all the other members--those of you who are left, that is--of the Greatest Generation for your service.

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