Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumn storm Alfred

Here's a little quiz for you. What do you get when you combine a heavy, wet snowfall with trees that have been weakened by a hurricane and are still partly or in some cases fully in leaf?

Right! Limbs, branches and even whole trees crashing down everywhere--roads, houses, power lines, etc.

That's exactly what happened on Saturday, October 29th. By Sunday morning there was anywhere from 8" to over a foot of very wet snow on the ground--along with lots and lots of wood!

The storm crippled the entire state--especially the town where we live.

In fact as I write this there are still thousands of people in the dark.

The silver lining is our particular household did not lose power. That made it possible for my son and his family--wife and two little boys and their boxer--to stay with us.

I'm sure they can't wait to get back to their own house but I know that when they do, my wife and I are going to sit there wishing they were back!

My daughter and her family--son-in-law Mike, girls Brooke and Courtney and yellow lab Lacey--lost their power too. They stayed with us one day but for the rest of the time they were able to stay at Mike's brother's house.

One thing's for sure. We've become a nation reliant on electricity.

My question is why haven't the utilities made more of an effort to go around putting power lines in the ground so that at least some of this can be prevented in the future?

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