Monday, October 10, 2011

More lunacy from the right

The Rev. Robert Jeffress, a Baptist minister from Dallas, has started a firestorm on the right. His claim that Mitt Romney is not a Christian due to his Mormon faith is of course absurd.

Here's yet another example of far right, lunatic fringe thinking that we run into over and over again in politics.

Perry was of course right to quickly distance himself from the remark, but... It's that 'but' that's going to be his downfall. Moderate republicans don't like the 'fringe' any more than the rest of us.

These people are the most dangerous force in this country today. They will use every opportunity to jam their religion down our throats and think nothing of labeling those who resist as evil sinners.

The media needs to stop giving them a voice. Ignore them. They won't go away but at least they won't be bothering us any more.

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