Friday, June 3, 2011

Kids think the strangest things!

Today was a cool, windy day. I was baby sitting for the boys--ages three and a half and two. It was a little chilly out and I had a truck load of stuff to bring to the dump so I loaded up the garbage, and the boys, and off we went.

When I got to the dump, I lowered the back windows of the truck so the boys could see me and know that even though I'm not actually in the truck, I was there and they weren't alone.

Sometimes when small kids think they're alone, they get frightened.

Well, sure enough. When I got out of the truck and walked to the back to unload, Cole started crying. He couldn't see me. He thought with all the commotion around us, I was getting hurt so he was upset.

I went to his side of the window and comforted him and then continued with what I was doing.

After that it was OK, but it got me to thinking how little things can bother kids--and some adults.

Many people are very strong, having endured a great deal, but then there are those who are very fragile. That's just the way it is. So I think the strong need to be there for the fragile. Then, in time, they'll get stronger and more secure.

That's life.

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