Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring chores

I have not been very diligent with my blogging lately.

I didn't meet with my two new WW II veteran friends this week so I have no new stories to report.
In addition to that I have been busy with baby sitting duties and spring chores.

The leaves that blew into the yard over the winter are finally gone and the flower beds are cleared out.

I still have to buy and spread mulch, power wash the house & deck, paint the deck, wash the windows and plan our garden.

Unfortunately, spring rains are interfering with my efforts. Plus we are leaving for Florida soon for about 8 days.

Oh well, the chores will be here when we get back.


ape2016 said...

Have fun in Florida. Spring does seem to bring a lot of chores, doesn't it? I am beginning to wonder why I wanted winter to end so badly, haha.

Out of My Mind said...

I know you don't accept awards but, I have an award for you anyway. It is waiting for you on my Fri/Sat post...Up to you what you do with it...just wanted you to know.....kt