Thursday, January 6, 2011

Snow? What's snow?

Here we are at our condo in Naples, FL with some friends of ours. The temperatures have been ranging from lows of 60 or so to highs of around 75.

When we left CT, there was snow on the ground and there's more expected soon. In fact I should return to about 6 inches in our driveway which I'll have to clear right away.

But it's nice to get down here once in a while and as it happens this will be our last trip until May--unless someone in the family wants to come down sooner in which case maybe I'll go with them.

Golf tomorrow morning and then it's back home--and back to winter--Sunday.

But you know what they say--there's no place like home!

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Out of My Mind said...

Yes, wasn't that the whole point to The Wizard of Oz?
I mean it was entertaining, and when I first saw it as a kid I was scared silly by the monkeys. But isn't the whole thing about how home, family, and friends are the best treasures this life has to offer!