Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Great Day

I started the week with my little pal, Courtney.

Then, I had an unexpected surprise yesterday. Grand daughter Brooke who will be 7 on the 17th came over to spend the day with me.

Thursdays are my day to run the errands I wasn't able to get to during the rest of the week but having a grand child or two doesn't prevent that because they're getting old enough to come along.

And that's exactly what Brooke and I did. First we picked up my chain saw chain from Newtown Power Equipment where Brooke took some time to admire the various tractors.

We left there to go to the mall to get some information about Sandi's iPad and shop for Brooke's birthday present. As we were driving along, I asked Brooke if she wanted some music. She said no, she'd rather I tell her stories about when I was a kid.

So I did--all sorts of stories about what my sister and I did on snow days, what we played with, what TV we watched (she was surprised we didn't have TV when I was her age) and what games we liked.

After our chores at the mall we had lunch at McDonald's.

We never did find what she was looking for so when we got home she asked me to get Google on the computer and she'd search for it. I confess this made me a little nervous. Google searches can be very effective but as we all know they can also be quite dangerous for young people.

I went to my settings folder on Google and set the filters to maximum. This is not foolproof but it goes a long way toward blocking unwanted images and content. I recommend the procedure to anyone who has children in their household.

Brooke and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing school. Then her parents picked her up.

It was the end of an altogether great day.

And today I get to be with my two little buddies!

It's great to be back from Naples--snow or no snow.

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Out of My Mind said...

While reading I found myself smiling. Great life you have there George!