Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mac vs PC

You know those Mac vs PC ads? I think they’re really clever and since I’m a long time Mac user while also being quite familiar with Windows, I really get the humor. Of course PC users probably don’t laugh quite as hard as I do because they’re still smarting from upgrading to Vista. Just the other day I got a message from a friend of mine who had a sad tale indeed of his recent purchase of a PC (Forgot the name. Doesn’t matter. They’re pretty much the same anyway) with the new Vista OS. After hours on the phone with someone in India, he still wasn’t able to transfer his address book or get his email to work properly. He then had to buy third party software to help with the problem. I haven’t heard from him recently so I don’t know where it stands now. He probably jumped off a bridge! Even if you do need a Windows OS to run some specialized software, you can always load the more stable Windows XP on a new Mac. When you boot up, you choose the OS you want. That simple.
However, be warned. There is definitely a downside to buying a Mac. For example you don’t get to further the cause of cultural exchanges because you’ll never be talking to tech people located in other countries. Another thing is you don’t get to load up your book shelves with impressive books like “Vista for Dummies”. Also, you’re not going to be in a Best Buy or Circuit City any time soon looking for a smart new printer or scanner because the old one is going to work just fine. Yet another good reason to stick with a PC is because when your wife hounds you to redo the family room (stupid thing was done 10 years ago. Our neighbors Sam & Ella haven’t done theirs in 30 years and it looks just fine to Sam & me), you’re going to be up to your eyeballs in antivirus software trying to figure out what’s going to be compatible with what. You see, Macs are pretty much virus free. Forget shopping for other nifty new software too. Macs come preloaded with a suite of software called ‘iLife’ which includes iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes, iDVD, iCalc, iWeb, Garage Band (for composing your own music), iMail & more. At least you will get to buy MS Office Suite.
No, on second thought PC users, stick with your little Dell. You can’t handle a Mac!

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